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    The company „EXIM-TRANS” SRL has a rich experience in international freight transport. Freight transport in the Baltic, CIS countries, Europe and Asia is the core activity of the company.

    The registered capital constitutes 3.488.000 MDL.

    Our company’s car park is large enough: 20 trucks (tarpaulins: from 86 m3 up to 120 m3, and semi-trucks with the capacity of 95 m3 (90 bars) which can also carry clothes on hangers) and all the trucks have CMR Insurance in the amount of 300000 EUR, to promptly fulfill the orders of any complexity.

    „EXIM-TRANS” SRL collaborates with a number of renowned international companies as “T.E.L.S.” (Great Britain), ”F.C. MACKENZIE” (Great Britain), “SC SCHACHERMAYER” (Romania), “TERRACULT GmbH” (Germany), “ASSTRA FORWARDING AG” (Great Britain), “SINTER METAL IMALAT SAN A.Ş.” (Turkey), ”LKW WALTER “ AG (Austria), “Alea Fashion Industries S.p.a.” (Italy), “Toraman tekstil derive ins. Tic.” LTD (Turkey) etc., having a wide network spreading across Europe and Asia.

    „EXIM-TRANS” SRL is the founder of the company “EUROTIR CONTINENTAL” SRL that is headquartered in Iasi.